Shoulder Blade Yoga® 肩甲骨ヨガ                  ジェニー ヨガ  

Focus on Shoulder Blade Area 

The benefits;  
1.Improves standing/sitting posture.
2.Deeper breath -enhances the metabolic system-hard to gain weight 
3 Stiff neck and back reduced effectively
4.Rid a toxic or unhealthy substance from the body by becoming better thymus lymph flow. 
 Many people use the personal computer towards a desk; touch the smartphone for their work and daily life nowadays. Constantly using their head, they are ALWAYS tensed the around their back waist from head. Shoulders Blade yoga that is highly immediate and effective content to such a many people. 


YOGA BOU  Exercise ヨガ棒エクササイズ                   ジェニー ヨガ            

 Bodywork using the prop YOGA BOU created


1.To facilitate expanding the range of motion of arms by loosening the deep muscle.
2 Enhance the movement of the shoulder blade area to lead to improve standing postures, sitting postures, and asana postures.
3.Strethening the core muscle (Inner muscle) 

4.BOU will adjust your imbalance of the yoga poses effectively.  (Also good for golfer who uses the one side only)