About Jenny                  ジェニー ヨガ

    I was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. When I was 12 years old I found a globe at home. I tried to look for where I live on the globe. Not only could I not find my hometown but also Japan was hard to find on the globe.


   I was astonished to discover how big the world is! Since then I have studied English very hard as I believe that English must be a tool that allows you to travel to all the places I found in the globe and communicate with all the people of the world. I became a great  fan of David Bowie when I was 16 and I dreamed speaking to him in English personally.  (Actually my dream came true later ;-))


   I went to Ball State University in Indiana, USA. Even though I only went to Ball State for a short period of nine months I made myself fluent in English to the point that I nearly forgot how to speak in Japanese when I returned home. If I had chosen another hip city like LA or NYC I might never have been able to get into yoga and provided you with this homepage for information. 


   After I returned to Japan, from Ball State, I came to Tokyo to work for a foreign investment bank and to continue to focus on keeping English level high. I am an education major so I was well trained at my job. I was lucky to be able to meet some great bosses and colleagues who supported me. I ended up working as one of the very few women Equity traders at one of the top major US investment bank for 15 plus years.




Why yoga?


    The first time I was truly introduced to yoga was when I was visiting Mumbai, India 10 years ago. I took my first yoga class at hotel I was staying at and the teacher was an Indian man. I was attracted by the depth of `yoga` he taught. It was focused more on breathing and mental strength rather than on pure physical fitness work. After those sessions in India I started to question the quality of my life and continued to focus on breathing, mental awareness and mental strength. I felt I had found something wonderful and new to explore. 


    Soon afterwards I resigned from position as a trader.  I went to Bali for a yoga retreat by Emil Wendel. He taught me the pranayama( breathing and cleansing) and philosophy. He was already 60 years old and started to practice physical yoga (asana) at his age of 40. This practice further opened my eyes and I was more intrigued to find out what yoga was really about.  It was amazing to see Emil and I wanted to understand what made him to feel, look and act so young...and live so happily.

After understanding more about yoga from Emil I started to practice daily and participated in Teachers Training back in Tokyo.


    Then the tragedy of the 3/11 earthquake in Tohoku, Japan hit me. My partner spent one week as a volunteer living out of a tens tent in the earthquake impacted Tohoku area.  I also wanted to help those people who were forced to live in small evacuated spots by sharing my yoga knowledge.


    I admire people of any gender, any age, any type of job, any nationalities. Everyone is beginner first.

It is never too late to get started to cherish your body and mind by yoga which works on me.

My mission is to help people to reduce their pain on stiff neck and hip and help them become mentally strong.  My passion is to be connected to lots of people and generate good energy to each other! 

 Welcome to Akasaka Jenny Yoga!!