Sentimental trip to Mumbai India....ちょっとセンチな気分です。



I am going to Mumbai on this Sunday. I have a bit sentimental feeling for that. Do you want to know why?  Let me share my privacy with you. In Back in 2009, February. I was going out this IT geek/dreaming and kind boy, oldest brother out of three boys from America. His parents are  from Mumbai in India(Chembur outskirt of Mumbai) 

I joined his business trip in Mumbai after we had 6 months merry-go-round dating relationship (mainly due to my monkey mind back then ^^)


I braced up myself to go with him to stay with him at the hotel he was going to be.

I had tad a bit concern to spend 5 nights with him, but I simply wanted to say yes! to any offers came to me. Think about it? If someone asked or invited to do something, the person has thought of me. Is it not something graceful???? Yes, I just want to say yes with gratitude!!


So, at Mumbai I arrived at 2 am on Friday night and the city was way busier than Roppongi in Tokyo or as busy as Times Square in NYC!!

Hotel I stayed at was in Juhu area which is known as the place some Bollywood Star lived. was nice! 


The hotel was in front of a beautiful white sand!

 One morning before the breakfast, I took a walk alongside of the beach for 15 min. Beautiful. A while later I felt a bit nervous as I did not see any women walking. People on the beach were either people trying to sell you or men… I had to go back to hotel as I am not the brave women … thinking `Where are Indian ladies??` 

I was told by people later; Indian ladies do not walk alone, and they never take a walk as workout. They invite private yoga teacher to their home. Only time they WALK is at the shopping mall ^^ I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! 次回に続く!

to be continued ^^