This Morning My Morning

My morning on the 29th of December. I wake up very easily in the morning and get things done as quick as possible… NOT… ^^ wish I could. I have a rather low blood pressure I need some ceremonial duties to do to get up. first, I put my eye drops for dry eyes right after I wake up. I turned over to lie on the stomach on my bed to do child pose…followed by cobra pose. Then I get up and pray for the ‘my shine’ from the Akasaka Hikawa Jinja Shrine I had a Shinto wedding ceremony. And gratitude (Seriously if you start your day with any tiny gratitude you will have low chance of a bad day ^^)


I usually move to the morning yoga venue which is Roppongi 5-10-32 by either 1) bicycle or 2) Running except rainy days. Yesterday, I ran 2.2 km(1.3miles) to class. The lady who attended my class is in her 20’s but run her own business to import wine from France.

Today we had a bit more of deep breathing reflecting this year and move to active standing poses to vitalize the body and spirit. She really like my fav 100% organic essential oil by Young Living I became its distributor. The peppermint essential oil unblocked her nostrils and gave her deepen and longer breath which is essential to yoga.

Thank you, M chan for sharing to my last yoga class, I will give you a peppermint essential oil at the next yoga class on 1/9 next year! I teach morning English yoga every Tuesday moorings and Sundays every other week.