Tokyo American Club Charity Runner!

What a beautiful day it is today!

I went to Tokyo American Club for a group photo shooting

today. Tokyo American Club Women"s Group nominated two runners as a charity runner for Tokyo Marathon 2018. I am one of them!!

I will make sure to practice Yoga before/after the run to give a nice and deep stretch for thigh muscle , hamstring .

Any runners I will help you not to injure yourself by my yoga method! Runners, who are interested, come and join me:-)


Women Group (婦人クラブ)によるファミリーハウスへの寄付金10万円が出資され、私と後9人が東京アメリカンクラブ代表で走ります!ヨガを練習の前後にして怪我しないように頑張ります! みんなでランナーのためのヨガをしましょうか?笑